Interview | 2019

Jean-Marc Fray

Since moving to Austin, TX, after my MFA in 2012, I’ve been doing commercial product photography for various businesses and clients. My longest and favorite relationship by far has been with the folks at Jean-Marc Fray Antiques. So it’s a real delight to the share the news that they are now offering several works from my _cloud_ series as limited editions (5+2APs) to their clients and collectors!

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Interview | 2018


Excited to share this interview, show some new _cloud_ images, and participate in Photoma's growing archive and directory of Filipino photographers!


Publication | 2017

Filipino American Artist Directory

Very honored to be included in this year's FilAm Artist Directory. The directory exists "to increase the visibility and recognition of Filipino American artists through an online and annual print resource for students, educators, curators, and collectors, as well as organizing events and exhibitions throughout the country."

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the print portion of the directory.

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Interview | 2017

Spot Magazine

Excited to share a conversation about photography with curator Lauren Fulton for the Houston Center of Photography's twice-annual print magazine. When the issue arrived, I was especially happy to see the high-quality reproductions they made from my Best General View series. Something about print!


Interview | 2016


Thanks to Lauren Richman and Coronagraph for the patience, support, and platform for such an extensive interview. In it, we talk about my practice, my interest in doubt and photo histories, and the particular work and context surrounding the creation of Index


Interview | 2016


Happy to participate and be included in this wonderful site full of artist interviews. It's always helpful when I'm prompted to find a way to vocalize—or at least begin to describe—what I've acted out or pursued. This was no exception. I had a fun time trying to clarify my thoughts about performing photography, some recent projects, and share my affinities for Bruce Lee and rock climbing. 


Review | 2015

Arts and Culture Texas 

Wow! May this be the most generous and thoughtful review I ever receive.


Feature | 2015

Slideluck Potshow Houston

Happy to share a photo and music slideshow with images made during the Road to Ruscha project.

Feature | 2014

Triple Canopy Publication Intensive

Here is a thoughtful recollection of a two-week seminar I participated in with an amazing group of artists, writers, curators, and designers.


Feature | 2014

P-DPA Log 

I've discovered so many fascinating "post-digital" projects on this Tumblr, so as a fan of the site, it's exciting to see The Histograms included in the archive.

Feature | 2014

Landscape Stories

A selection of images from Best General View is included as part of their Mountains issue (#15)


Feature | 2014

In the In-Between

I had the pleasure of writing a brief essay around some of the issues that surrounded the making of The Histograms. Thanks to Gregory Jones for the opportunity!

Interview | 2013


Here is a conversation with Paula Kupfer, Jordan Tate, and myself, on the eve of a group show curated by Jordan and hosted by Mixed Greens Gallery.


Review | 2013


Artist and curator Jordan Tate discusses the artists and themes behind Color Shift, a group show he's organized at Mixed Greens Gallery. Excited to be a part of it!


Feature | 2012


I probably look at this site every morning, so it's cool to wake up and see them share The Histograms with their readers.

Interview | 2012


Happy to share a long-form interview with this popular German arts and culture site. Our conversation touched on some of the conditions and influences surrounding the development of Horror Vacui.

Feature | 2012

i like this art

This is one of my favorite art sites, so I'm really excited to share the installation view images of my thesis show about installation view images!

Feature | 2012


Thanks to Quipsologies for sharing The Histograms with their readers.

Feature | 2011

Make Space

A portfolio of images from The Histograms series

Review | 2011

Art Info

Happy to be among the artists included in Nicolas O'Brien's exhibition, "Notes on a New Nature," at 319 Scholes.

Book | 2011

Flash Forward 2011 

Excited to be included as an honorable mention in the Magenta Foundation's annual emerging photographer catalogue! 


Feature | 2011

F-Stop Magazine

Issue #48 | Relations 


Feature | 2011

Dust Magazine Blog

A portfolio of images from the Content Aware Fill series


Feature | 2011

Triangulation Blog

A portfolio of images from the Best General View series


Feature | 2011

New Landscape Photography

A portfolio of images from the Horror Vacui series


Feature | 2011

Hippolyte Bayard

Thanks to Fabio Severo for his thoughtful remarks about several of my projects!


Feature | 2011


A portfolio of images from the Griffin Memorial series.


Feature | 2011

Make Space

A portfolio of images from the Griffin Memorial series.


Feature | 2011


Thanks to Aline Smithson for a warm write-up and introduction to my projects.


Feature | 2011

Art Focus Oklahoma 

(Vol. 26, No. 1) | Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition | Print (Jan/Feb)


Feature | 2010


Excited to share Horror Vacui on this site, and relieved the comments were positive!


Feature | 2010

Art Focus Oklahoma 

(Vol. 25, No. 5) | Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition | Print (Sept/Oct)