Installation Views V

"Installation Views V is an ongoing project by Tibayan, which examines digital representation of gallery space and the artwork installed within. This installment of the project comes to Width: 700px; to consider the lack of free 'space' within the online gallery. Tibayan generates work that both deconstructs and caters to the specific environment in which it might be showcased. Both contextually and visually, the artwork is made as a reaction to the gallery, suggesting the confinement and rigidity of traditional exhibition space. 

The works presented are a series of sequential fragmented animations that suggest the white sterile walls, strict geometric lines, and rigid boundaries of the "white cube", reflecting its textures but also implying non existent dimensions via imaginary floor plans. The space in which the work exists—physical or otherwise—is as crucial to the art as the artists themselves, directing the viewer to process the works in a certain manner."

- Levi Bruce, Curator, Width: 700px; Gallery


Installation View #1
(White Cube and Black Frame)

Installation View #2

Installation View #3
(+Orange, +Red)

Installation View #4
(+Orange, +Red, +Yellow)

Installation View #5
(+Orange, +Red, +Yellow, +Green)

Installation View #6
(+Orange, +Red, +Yellow, +Green, +Blue)